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The Harper's Fancy
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Tracks list

1. Loftus Jones (planxty) 2:30
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2. Miss Monaghan,
Fred Finn’s (reels) 3:38
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3. Port an Deoraí,
An Phis Fluich (slip jigs) 3:04
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4. Breton Tunes (medley) 5:52
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5. The Fairy Queen (planxty) 3:26
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6. Caber Feigh, Patti
(bagpipe medley) 2:56
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7. The Boys of Tandragee, The Wishing Well, The Harper’s Fancy (jigs) 6:28
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8. The Corner House, The Ash Plant,
The Roving Bachelor (reels) 4:41
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9. Lamentation of Youths
(lament) 2:24
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10. The Humours of Ennistymon,
Contentment is Wealth (jigs) 3:19
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11. Rothermurches Rant, The Graf Spey (strathspey and reel) 5:16
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12. Mr Malone (planxty) 2:46
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13. Moll Dudh an Ghleanna
(slow air) 2:37
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14. The Cup and Saucer (jigs) 2:43
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15. Swedish Polska, Lime Hill, The Wild Irishman, A Long Way from Home, Jenny Dang the Weaver (polska, strathspey and reels) 5:45
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Total running time 58 minutes

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A collection of jigs, reels and miscellaneous
traditional tunes old and new played on the Irish Harp
by Paul Dooley

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